Recent Productions

Miss Gulch Returns! has enjoyed tremendous success in 
independent productions at:

  • The Actors' Playhouse of Nashville
  • The Richmond Triangle Players

  • Theatre-On-The-Square, Indianapolis
  • Boston's First Night Celebration
  • Kennedy's at Playhouse-On-The-Square, Cleveland

  • 35below, Asheville, North Carolina

Read the regional REVIEWS.

January, 2006: The Company Of Fools outside of Boise, Idaho presents Miss Gulch Returns!, opening January 19, 2006, starring Robert Throckmorton, the standout "Miss Gulch" of the acclaimed Richmond Triangle Players' production. Click on for more information and tickets.
October, 2005: 35below, a popular blackbox theatre in Asheville, North Carolina, presented a new production of Miss Gulch Returns! which played to sellout crowds and rave reviews: Asheville Citizen-Times:
"The sold-out opening night audience for this one-man, over-the-top extravaganza was as chic, as cosmopolitan and as discerning as any Los Angeles or New York crowd who'd be drawn to the same show. And the antics in the performing space of the tight little area was exactly what was wanted. The seating area is peppered with small cabaret tables, each audience member plied with champagne on the way in, and the appearance of Michael Cheek in his minimalist tux and Ruth Sieber Johnson at the glossy baby grand piano launch this update on the recent life and times of Miss Gulch. The show opens with Michael Cheek dressed to the nines in a glitzy piano bar, with bold colors, and strong lighting on a bowl of red poppies and an orange (rather than pink) flamingo, all adding to the glamour of the setting. After only a couple of songs about Miss Gulch, Cheek quickly segues into Almira, herself. Then it's a drag diva divine. Cheek has massive quantities of chutzpah and a strong and secure vocal instrument to bring to the role..."
August, 2004: The Richmond Triangle Players revived their acclaimed production of Fred Barton's Miss Gulch Returns! and garnered yet more rave reviews.  The Richmond production, starring the incomparable Robert Throckmorton, was subsequently selected for presentation at the September 2004 National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival in Columbus, Ohio.